Lottery Players Like Playing Together


The internet is awash with 'social' these days, so much so it's even stopped being a buzz word anymore, and is now just a basic requirement.

It's something lottery players do enjoy online too, just not in quite the same way. Yes, they love to read and share stories about winners (and those who lose it all, of course), but they also love to play together too. And by that I mean, lottery syndicates. There are a lot of choices online now for players looking for a syndicate to join. Even the courier ticket buying services have started to notice and got in on the act too.

So Close

There's close, and then there's just born plain unlucky.

My numbers were so close

p.s. yes, each number was out by just 1...

Excited About Not Working Monday

Have you invested in the possibility of not going back to work on Monday?

I'm excited there's a 1-in-176 million chance I don't have to go to work on Monday.

It may be a long shot but the lottery isn't the worst insurance plan for getting a lie-in every Monday morning.